Redfish Charter Fishing in Biloxi, MS

Spray Ya Later Fishing Charters can take you deep sea fishing for beautiful redfish in Biloxi, Mississippi!  

If you’ll be in or near Biloxi, MS, in late summer or early fall, you’re in luck:  It’s the perfect time to hook some delicious redfish!  

It might be too late to take advantage of this year’s red snapper season, but fortunately there are other amazing fish to try for in the northern Gulf of Mexico.  As you may know, redfish is a great catch, too.  The friendly crew at SYL Charters offer exciting redfish charter fishing trips in the Biloxi area.  From August through to the end of October is a wonderful time to target redfish, and we can take you to all the best local spots!  We offer a range of trolling and baitfish trips to suit your preferences and budget, from 4-hour charters up to 8-hour fishing trips.  Whatever you have in mind, we’re happy to accommodate your group.

There’s no better way to enjoy a visit to the Mississippi Gulf Coast than getting out on the water and spending a few hours fishing.  It’s a unique and fun experience that your family or friends will be sure to remember for years to come.  Let’s get out there and catch some fish!

Redfish Fishing Trips in the Biloxi Area

Redfish get their name from the dark red color of their backs, typically with at least one distinctive black spot near the tail.  These attractive fish are known by many other names, including red drum, puppy drum, spottail bass, channel bass, or just plain “red”. Whatever you prefer to call this game fish, one thing is certain:  This is a highly sought-after species in the United States, widely appreciated as both an interesting catch for anglers and a mouthwatering seafood delicacy.  

Redfish is known for its mild, slightly sweet flavor and pleasant, non-oily texture.  (Younger fish are generally favored over the larger ones, which can be firmer in texture and have a fishier taste.)  Redfish is easily adaptable to a wide range of flavor profiles—just choose a recipe with seasonings that appeal to you.  

If you’re looking for something fun to reel in that will also be “good eating”, you can’t go wrong with red drum!  

A day's catch of red drum fish

Biloxi Deep Sea Fishing in
August, September, & October

Captain C-Bo invites you and your group to experience a redfish fishing adventure aboard the Spray Ya Later, a luxurious 31-foot Bertram sport fisher.  Our boat is is equipped with all the modern technology and navigation necessary for safe boating and successful fish-finding.  When you book the Spray Ya Later, you’re getting the Biloxi area’s fastest fishing charter boat!  With dual 300 HP Cummings diesel engines, our boat stands out from other charter boats on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Our guests appreciate that we provide speedy transport, because less time spent getting to and from the best angling destinations means more time enjoying the fishing!  

The Spray Ya Later can comfortably host up to six anglers and offers plenty of comfortable seating and shaded areas, so your entire group can have a pleasant and comfortable fishing excursion from start to finish.   For your convenience, the boat is outfitted with a private restroom.  We’re proud to say that guests of all ages and abilities can enjoy time fishing with us, and yes, our boat is wheelchair accessible.  We invite you to take in the beautiful view from the flybridge, which also provides an ideal vantage point to observe fish.

Go Fishing for Redfish on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

Is anyone in your group a novice angler?  Maybe you have a few kids in your family who have never been fishing before.  No need to worry!  We’re experienced fishing enthusiasts with a passion for introducing new anglers to the fun and excitement of fishing in beautiful coastal Mississippi.  We believe that anyone can enjoy fishing, regardless of age, ability, or level of experience.  People of all ages are welcome on our fishing trips, including young kids.  And whatever your age, if you need a crash course in the basic principles of fishing, we are happy to offer as much help as you require.  We welcome the opportunity to share the benefit of our local knowledge of these waters! 

Redfish Deep Sea Fishing in Biloxi

SYL Charters can provide you with an unforgettable fishing adventure on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  It’s an amazing experience and a great chance to make lifelong memories with your kids, your friends, or whoever else is lucky enough to be invited along.  Our boat is easily accessible and just a short drive away, whether you’re staying in Biloxi, Ocean Springs, or Gulfport this summer or fall.  We supply all necessary fishing licenses, bait, tackle, and ice to keep your catch fresh.  You can bring just a few essentials for your comfort.  

Here’s what we suggest you bring along on your redfish charter trip:

Coastal Mississippi Redfish Charter Adventures

With over 30 years of fishing experience on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, Captain C-Bo is the perfect guide for your next fishing excursion.  He possesses extensive knowledge of the local waters, ensuring a safe and unforgettable adventure aboard the Spray Ya Later.  If you’re in the area, take advantage of this chance to enjoy a unique and memorable experience on the bountiful Gulf of Mexico!  

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