Come Shark Fishing in Biloxi, MS!

Looking for the ultimate charter fishing experience in Biloxi, Mississippi?  Come shark fishing with Spray Ya Later Fishing Charters on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

Visitors to Biloxi, MS, can enjoy a unique adventure this late summer or early fall:  August, September, and October are a great time to try your hand at shark fishing.  Come deep sea fishing with Captain C-Bo, and he’ll help you hook a shark for a once-in-a-lifetime catch!

Shark Fishing Trips in Biloxi, Mississippi

Charter fishing off the Mississippi Gulf Coast is always a good time, but if you’re interested in hooking a shark, the best time to book your trip is when the water is warm.  Warmer water means more active fish—and sharks.  As you might imagine, the coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico are at their hottest in the peak summer months, but the water is plenty warm enough to keep the fish happy and active for months before and after midsummer.  An ideal time to target sharks is after the big rush of red snapper season is over, some time in August.  Those late summer/early fall months of August, September, and October offer the perfect opportunity to try for sharks.  The water is still warm enough, the fish are still very much on the move, and there’s less competition as the peak charter fishing season begins to wind down.  There’s plenty of good fishing to be had by those lucky enough to be in Biloxi at this time of the year—and you may even beat some of that Deep South heat and humidity by booking in early fall!  

Thrilling Shark Fishing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

There is nothing like the adrenaline rush of hooking a shark and reeling it in on light tackle!  These powerful fish pack a punch at the end of your line, and they won’t go down without a fight!  It’s a fun and exhilarating challenge, and if you have the chance to experience shark fishing firsthand, you should take advantage of the opportunity.  People of all ages and fishing abilities can enjoy a memorable shark fishing excursion, and Biloxi’s local experts (your friendly crew) will be right there to help, if you need any assistance.  We can even teach you the basics of fishing, if you or another member of your group is a novice angler.  Don’t miss out!

Shark Charter Fishing in the Biloxi Area

If you’ll be anywhere along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, SYL Charters is just a short drive away.  Our experienced captain and his crew can guide you to the best fishing spots and provide valuable pointers for catching the fish you want to target.  Choose from a variety of charter fishing trip options:  We offer a range to meet your preferences and budget.  

Our trolling and baitfish fishing charters are available as 4-hour trips, 6-hour trips, and 8-hour trips.  Our shorter, 4-hour trip is a more budget-friendly option that leaves you plenty of time to do something else with the other half of your day, while longer trips are a more immersive experience that offer more opportunities to fill your coolers with fish.  This type of trip takes you anywhere from 12 to 25 miles from shore, depending on weather conditions.  

If you’re interested in going out deeper and fishing over wrecks and around oil rigs (favorite hangouts for many species of fish), we offer that option, as well.  Our wreck and oil rig fishing charter trips take place 30 to 50 miles into the Gulf of Mexico and include both 6-hour trips and 8-hour trips.  Generally speaking, venturing further out gives you better chances of catching larger fish.  

Whatever trip you select, it’s sure to be a good time!

Blacktip Shark Fishing in Biloxi, MS

There are several species of shark that make their home in the waters off the Mississippi coast, including tiger sharks, bull sharks, blacktip sharks, great hammerhead sharks, lemon sharks, sandbar sharks, and nurse sharks.  Blacktip sharks are commonly targeted, as they’re one of the better-tasting species.  Any of them can provide an exciting shark-fishing experience, though!  

Mississippi Deep Sea Fishing in August, September, and October

Join Captain C-Bo on the Spray Ya Later, a luxurious 31-foot Bertram sport fisher that combines speed, safety, and comfort for your shark-fishing adventure.  With state-of-the-art technology, navigation systems, and all the essentials, it’s the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience for up to six anglers.  Our guests enjoy shaded areas, comfortable seating, a private restroom, and wheelchair access.  Don’t forget to take in the stunning view from our flybridge!  

Deep Sea Shark Fishing near the Biloxi Casinos

SYL Charters offers a fantastic opportunity to create treasured memories with family and friends.  Our boat is conveniently located just a short drive away from Biloxi, Ocean Springs, or Gulfport.  All necessary fishing licenses, bait, tackle, and ice will be provided to keep your catch fresh.  We recommend bringing along the following items for your comfort and convenience:

Coastal Mississippi Shark-Fishing Adventures

Captain C-Bo has more than three decades of fishing experience along the Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, making him the ideal guide for your next fishing adventure.  His familiarity with the local waters guarantees a secure and pleasant trip on the Spray Ya Later.  Book your trip today and create lifelong memories on the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico!