Cobia Charter Fishing in Biloxi, MS

Planning to go deep sea fishing for cobia on the Mississippi Gulf Coast?  
Let Spray Ya Later Fishing Charters in Biloxi, Mississippi, take you on a fun, competitively priced charter fishing adventure!

Are you headed to coastal Mississippi in the near future?  Maybe you’re already in the area, enjoying the casinos, the beaches, or one of the many other local attractions.  If you’re near Biloxi, MS, don’t miss out on the unique experience of deep sea fishing on the Gulf of Mexico!  It’s an authentic adventure like no other—the perfect activity for people of all ages.  You don’t have to be an expert angler to have an amazing time.  At SYL Charters, we can accommodate anyone who’s interested in seeing a different side of Biloxi, even if this is your first time casting a line!  

SYL Charters hosts groups of up to six people on fun and memorable deep sea fishing excursions.  We offer both baitfishing and trolling trips—or maybe you’d like to go out deeper to experience fishing around oil rigs and wrecks.  All of our charter fishing trips offer beautiful scenery and the opportunity to reel in some amazing fish.  It’s the perfect way to take your Biloxi vacation to the next level and make some memories to last a lifetime.  

Cobia Fishing Trips in Biloxi, Mississippi

What is Cobia?

If you’re looking for a delicious, mild-flavored fish that puts up a serious fight, you can’t go wrong with cobia!  This species of fish goes by many names, from region to region.  Depending on who you ask, it can be called any of the following: ling, lemonfish, black kingfish, black salmon, black bonito, cabio, crabeater—or even the colorful Biblical moniker of “prodigal son”.  Whatever you prefer to call them, cobia is special treat—a satisfying catch and a delight to eat.  

Cobia is known for its fighting spirit.  Even experienced anglers can find them a challenge to bring in, which is part of their appeal.  Cobia is a great fish for people who like to feel like they’ve accomplished something at the end of a fishing trip.  They’ll make you work for the honor of bringing them to the table!  This species averages at 20 to 30 pounds, but they can sometimes be much bigger, even up to a hundred pounds.  

Cobia Charter Fishing Trips in Biloxi, MS
cobia on the left, red snapper on the right

How Does Cobia Taste?

Many people have never tasted cobia, because it’s not as commonly found in restaurants and fish markets as many other species.  That’s certainly not a reflection on this fish’s flavor, but rather a result of the fact that they aren’t as easy to catch in the wild on a commercial scale.  

Cobia is popular with seafood lovers, who admire the nutty, slightly sweet flavor of the species.  They aren’t overly oily, yet are juicy enough to stay moist and delectable after cooking, whether you’re grilling, broiling, sautéing, or deep-frying your fish.  No matter what your palate, you can find a recipe for cobia that will cater to your specific preferences, because cobia pairs well with a wide variety of flavor profiles, seasoning blends, and sauces.  With a fish this delicious, you don’t need to be heavy-handed with the seasonings, and if you’re a fan of sushi, it’s worth noting that cobia can also be prepared and eaten raw!

When Is the Best Time to Fish for Cobia?

Cobia is a migratory species, though you can find them in the Gulf of Mexico all year.  Their peak season in the Biloxi area tends to be spring and fall, but the exact timing depends on the weather and resultant water temperature.  Generally speaking, along in the Mississippi Gulf Coast, your best bet for catching cobia while offshore fishing is March through May and again in September and October.  

Deep Sea Fishing Adventures on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Join Captain C-Bo for an unforgettable deep sea adventure aboard the luxurious 31-foot Bertram sport fisher, Spray Ya Later.  

Equipped with modern tech and navigation tools, the Spray Ya Later has everything you need for a safe and successful fishing experience.  

With dual 300 HP Cummings diesel engines, we are the fastest charter boat in the Biloxi area, getting you to your fishing destination faster so you can spend more of your time with a hook in the water.  

Our boat has a six-person capacity, with plenty of room and seating, including a private restroom for your comfort.  

Don’t forget to visit the flybridge for stunning views and fish spotting!

Ling or Lemonfish Charter Fishing in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Catch Delicious Cobia in Biloxi, MS

People of all ages and skill levels can enjoy fishing with SYL Charters.  Our fishing expeditions welcome everyone, including young children.  If you’re new to fishing or are taking the kids for their first fishing trip, we’re happy to provide a quick rundown on the basics, and of course we’ll be there the whole time to offer as much support as you need.

Captain C-Bo is eager to share his knowledge with anyone interested in picking up some useful tips and tricks for targeting specific species of fish, such as cobia.  He has decades of experience and can tell you a great deal about these local waters.  Join him and his crew for an unforgettable fishing experience:  Come discover the excitement of fishing on the Gulf Coast!

Experience the Thrill of Fishing for Cobia in the Biloxi Area!

SYL Charters can show your family or group of friends an exciting deep sea fishing experience on the Mississippi Gulf Coast! You can count on feisty, powerful cobia to make a memorable day of fishing, and SYL Charters is conveniently located just a short drive from coastal Mississippi’s vacation destinations, whether you’re staying in Biloxi, Gulfport, or Ocean Springs.   

Don’t worry about any special equipment or gear; we provide fishing licenses, bait, tackle, and even ice to chill your catch.  All you need to bring is what you need for your own comfort.  We suggest bringing snacks, water and other drinks, and sunscreen.  If possible, it’s best to dress in light-colored, quick-drying clothing, and if you have polarized sunglasses, they’re perfect for deep sea fishing.  That’s it!  Show up ready to catch some cobia and have some fun, then leave the rest to us!

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Biloxi Charter Fishing for Cobia